Ukash Payment Option

Ukash is a convenient new option for online payments and transfers, and is especially attractive for online casino users. Since Australia’s online gaming laws are complex and sometimes difficult to navigate, seasoned gamers already know that finding a government-approved payment method is key to avoiding headaches. Easy to load and easier to deposit, Ukash is quickly becoming the favorite mode of payment among Australia’s regular online gamers, edging out BPAY.

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First off, it’s convenient. With literally thousands of locations across Australia, anyone can get a Ukash voucher almost anywhere and start gaming minutes later, unlike with BPAY, which takes 1-3 days to transfer the deposit. Also unlike BPAY, Ukash is cash-based and does not require any bank account information from the user, making it a perfect option for those without bank accounts. Head on down to your local service station or closest Woolworth’s, and chances are that Ukash is available there.

This brings us to the second reason Ukash is so popular: anonymity. Any other method will require at least a name, if not an address and bank account number as well. If you were to walk into a real casino, you wouldn’t need to give them any information to play, so why would you want to give it online? Basically, Ukash has all the benefits of paying cash, with the added benefit of being able to use it online. Nobody has your personal information unless you want them to. Of course, the biggest benefit of anonymity is security—you can rest easier knowing less of your private information is out there, and less likely to get into the wrong hands.

Thirdly, Ukash is cheap. As in free to use and free to transfer. When using a bank account to transfer funds to a gaming account, the bank will charge a gaming fee. Though the fee is reasonable, it adds up over time and who wants to pay anything they don’t have to? Ukash is completely and totally free to use, and there’s nothing better than free.

Fourth, Ukash is easy to use. After purchase, the buyer gets a 19-digit PIN code on a voucher. All that’s left to do is select the Ukash payment option and enter the code. Literally no payment method is easier for online gamers. It comes in denominations from 10 to 300 AUD, and when funds are used up or low, another voucher can be combined with the last.

Ukash is accepted at most online casinos available to Australians because casinos like it, too. Not only is it fast, easy, and secure for consumers, but it’s also a reliable and convenient deposit method for online casinos. Casinos know that Ukash vouchers are guaranteed because they’ve already been paid for by the consumer, and more and more gaming sites are opting in. It’s not hard to see why Ukash is becoming one of the most popular online payment methods for Australian gamers.